In Defense of Rory Gilmore

Emily Proctor
5 min readOct 28, 2020

I am a hardcore Gilmore Girls fan. The day that the revival was released on Netflix, it took everything in me to wait for my aunt to get off of work so that we could binge it (complete with pizza, ice cream and any other junk food that a Gilmore would approve of). I stayed away from online spoilers (which if anyone knows me they know that is SO hard for me to do). I didn’t look up the last four words, I wanted to be surprised. I wanted to savor it.

Once the revival was available to stream, diehard Gilmore fans jumped on it and shouted their opinions from the rooftops. They spoiled the ending and talked crap about our beloved Gilmores because, believe it or not, everything didn’t go picture perfect for our girls. In fact, they were thrown curveballs and made mistakes, just like we all do.

Perhaps the biggest criticism I read about was that of Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel). In the original series, Rory graduated at the top of her class, she was the most angelic daughter (thanks to having the best mom ever) and she had her life also perfectly together. When we last saw her she was going to be a journalist on the Obama campaign trail (LOL @ 2007) and had just graduated from Yale University. She was going to accomplish great things!

In the revival, things were a different story (SPOILER ALERT!!!). Our dear Rory was a bit of a mess. She had a boyfriend she was constantly forgetting about, an inconsistent job and her big break was when she got published in The New York Times a few years back. She didn’t know where her underwear was located, and she hadn’t seen her mom in a long time. Where was the Rory Gilmore we all knew and loved?

On top of that, she was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend who happened to be almost engaged to a French lady named Odette. Sure, we all know where her ex’s heart truly lied, but Rory being the other woman? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time…(cough, Dean, cough), but at 32 years old you’d think she would have grown a little since her more…